Curiosity sends back stunning new panoramic image of Martian mountain TALLER than Mount Everest


Curiosity has sent back an incredible panoramic image of the towering mountain which looms above the crater it has spent the last eight months exploring on the surface of Mars.

Book-riffling robot scans one page at a time


Like a bored child who can't be bothered to read, this robot flips from page to page. This odd contraption is actually a new way to scan and digitise the world's books - at a speed of 250 pages per minute. Although it's only a research machine, that reading rate easily beats manually-fed commercial scanners that only scan around 12 pages per minute.

OPERA Confirms and Submits Results, But Unease Remains


New high-precision tests carried out by the OPERA collaboration in Italy broadly confirm its claim, made in September, to have detected neutrinos travelling at faster than the speed of light. The collaboration today submitted its results to a journal, but some members continue to insist that further checks are needed before the result can be considered sound.

Swedish man arrested over kitchen nuclear reactor


A hobbyist in Sweden is gaining notoriety after being arrested for trying to build a nuclear fusion reactor in his kitchen, according to news reports.

Thermoelectric generator powered by sun's heat


There are solar panels that generate electricity and those that absorb heat for hot water. And now researchers at MIT and elsewhere say they've made progress on using the sun's heat to make electricity.

Flexible Organic Microprocessor



At the International Solid-State Circuits Conference this week, European researches unveiled the world’s first flexible microprocessor made with organic semiconductors.

The power of soccer: A ball that charges your cell phone


Sepp Blatter, the president of football's world governing body, lauded soccer's "power" to unite as the 2010 World Cup entered its final stages in South Africa this week.

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