Social Networks

Selective hearing is all in the mind, finds new study that could help partially deaf


 Scientists said the 'cocktail party' problem, where someone struggles to 'zoom in' on what a friend is saying in noisy surroundings is more down to that person's brain and not their ear.

Best Connected Individuals Are Not the Most Influential Spreaders in Social Networks


Who are the best spreaders of information in a social network? The answer may surprise you. The study of social networks has thrown up more than a few surprises over the years. It's easy to imagine that because the links that form between various individuals in a society are not governed by any overarching rules, they must have a random structure. So the discovery in the 1980s that social networks are very different came as something of a surprise. In a social network, most nodes are not linked to each other but can easily be reached by a small number of steps. This is the so-called small worlds network.

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