Inside Stephen Hawking's $100 Million Search For Alien Life


Stephen Hawking is ready to find aliens. The cosmologist is throwing his support behind a $100 million initiative, funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, to begin an extensive search for proof of extraterrestrial life.

Sandblasting Winds Shifting Dunes on Mars: Study


Daily winds on Mars carve out a landscape of shifting dunes, scientists have reported. Their study was published in the journal "Nature Communication".

Curiosity sends back stunning new panoramic image of Martian mountain TALLER than Mount Everest


Curiosity has sent back an incredible panoramic image of the towering mountain which looms above the crater it has spent the last eight months exploring on the surface of Mars.

What Birds Know About Fractal Geometry


The pattern of feathers on the chest of your potential mate might provide a good sense of his or her overall health and well-being.

New human species identified from Kenya fossils


Researchers studying fossils from northern Kenya have identified a new species of human that lived two million years ago. The discoveries suggests that at least three distinct species of humans co-existed in Africa.

Dolphins may use complex nonlinear mathematics


Dolphins may use complex nonlinear mathematics when hunting, according to a new study that suggests these brainy marine mammals could be far more skilled at math than was ever thought possible before.

Astronomers Spot the Universe's First Gas


The chemistry of the cosmos today is not what it used to be. The stars and planets and interstellar gas around us are laced with carbon, oxygen, and many other elements heavier than hydrogen and helium - the only substances to have existed for a few hundred million years after the big bang.

Earth Oceans Were Homegrown


Where did Earth's oceans come from? Astronomers have long contended that icy comets and asteroids delivered the water for them during an epoch of heavy bombardment that ended about 3.9 billion years ago.

The Puzzle of Sound Amplification in the Inner Ear

Scientists have long puzzled over the inner ear's ability to amplify sound. Now they think they know how the ear does it.

Incredible, Shrinking Moon Revealed in Photos


The moon is shrinking ever so slightly, but there is no cause for alarm, according to a new study that has discovered a clutch of previously unseen faults on the lunar surface from photos taken by a NASA probe.

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