Astronomers Spot the Universe's First Gas


The chemistry of the cosmos today is not what it used to be. The stars and planets and interstellar gas around us are laced with carbon, oxygen, and many other elements heavier than hydrogen and helium - the only substances to have existed for a few hundred million years after the big bang.

Panic walking gets robot out of sticky situations


A six-legged robot learns different walking styles, which it can then use to adapt to tricky terrain or even flee from the first signs of trouble

A six-legged robot with a "panic mode" is proving to be a whizz at locomotion. When it finds it cannot move freely, the panicky droid scans randomly through the many walking gaits it has taught itself and selects the best for the terrain. That means it can free itself should it get stuck.

16:42 18 January 2010 by Paul Marks

Nonlinear dynamics and chaos


This textbook is aimed at newcomers to nonlinear dynamics and chaos, especially students taking a first course in the subject. The presentation stresses analytical methods, concrete examples, and geometric intuition.

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